OUR EXPERIENCE and methods originate from Solotvyno’s allergological hospital in Ukraine where patients with all types of respiratory conditions were sent for decades to undergo speleotherapy in salt caves. Based on many years of experience and working closely with the leading experts in the field (such as Yaroslav  Chonka a former vice president of permanent commission speleotherapy and the chief doctor of Ukraine’s state allergological hospital) we’ve created a unique salt cave with a microclimate matching that of Solotvino’s salt mines.

Our aim is to bring a part of the salt mine to your home, school or place of work. Our unique salt room construction technology includes walls faced with untreated blocks of natural salt, floors combined with bulk salt or natural salt tiles and ceilings sprayed with salt.

Reduced medication

Regular use of our natural salt caves can reduce your reliance on inhalers and antibiotics

Improved lung function

Salt therapy can help make your breathing easier in just a few sessions by alleviating coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath

Reduce illness

Salt therapy can increase your resistance to respiratory tract infections