THE REAL SALT CAVE specialises in salt room installation in private homes, offices, schools and kindergartens, spas, hotels and health centres.

Investing in a salt room is investing in your health.

Office spaces are often characterised by harsh environments caused by blocked aircon filters, photocopier ink particles, fumes and chemical traces from cleaning products and bacterial and viral particles circulating in the air system. There are numerous advantages to having a salt room installed in your office space. Salt walls lead to improved air quality, an increase in immunity and productivity of employees and bring a unique design element. We can install salt walls in hallways, meeting rooms, and receptions. We also supply salt lamps for offices and other workplaces.

All our installations come with 24/7 information support, 100% warranty, unique design, competitive prices, staff training, innovative technology, based on the latest research and scientific advice.

Due to the high efficiency of the methods and the absence of side effects, speleotherapy is widely used in paediatrics in some parts of Europe. Children’s stay in salt caves relieves the symptoms of chronic diseases, reduces the incidence of influenza and respiratory infections, strengthens the immune system without relying on medication.

According to the data published in 2019 by London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, two million Londoners, including children are currently living in areas that exceed the legal limit for air pollution. Visiting a salt room can help combat the damage caused by breathing polluted air, contributing to well-being.

We have made it our mission to help people benefit from the positive effects of speleotherapy. We can recreate the microclimate of salt caves by installing salt walls in spas, homes, offices, hotels, health centres, schools, kindergartens, fitness clubs and treatment clinics.