WE HAVE BEEN WORKING HARD to bing new two new salt room locations in London and we’re happy to say that these will be opening soon in the new year. It has been a challenging couple of months trying to navigate the covid restrictions to ship the therapeutic salt from Eastern Europe, however it looks like despite all the hurdles we can finally push ahead with the installation.

The first two salt caves will be located in Muswell Hill and Marble Arch.

Yogaloom is a local independent yoga & pilates studio in the heart of Muswell Hill, in North London. We will install a salt room in the studio, which can be used for a variety of activities, including yoga, breathing exercises and meditation.

The Gym Way is a modern high spec gym only 3-minute walk from Marble Arch station. Our salt room at The Gym Way will provide a health-boosting oasis in the centre of London.